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Do I need a Land Line?

Firstly, apologies if this has been asked and answered elsewhere. I currently have both land line and broadband, but as I don't use the land line can I remove it from my package and just keep the broadband? 

Many thanks for the help 🙂 


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Re: Do I need a Land Line?

Generally VM BB with phone is cheaper than standalone. I would just unplug your phone and leave as is.

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Re: Do I need a Land Line?

Landlines come with a huge discount. You will now be on an integrated package, so to drop the landline means renegotiating the other parts of your package as well. As a result any savings are likely to be small single figure sums per month if anything at all. Also if you have any legacy items or equipment you may find yourself losing these.

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Re: Do I need a Land Line?

Bear in mind as well that changing the package starts a new 18 month minimum term contract, so simply dropping the landline is probably not a good idea.  If you're at the end of the fixed term, well worth phoning up and playing the "retentions game" to get a decent deal, but focus on price and the elements you want, accepting and ignoring any things that might be part of a bundle but you don't want (eg a free SIM, a landline, etc).