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Disabling landline vocemail service

Tuning in

Just moved over to Virgin and my landline has had voicemail enabled. This has meant losing an important message as I hadn't realised this had been done. I have searched the Virgin site and rang 150 but can't find a way of doing it, and am fed up of being on constatnt hold. Can someone here from Virgin please disable this?



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Thanks Tom, just replied

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi David, welcome to the community! Thank you for getting in touch. 

Sorry to hear of your issues with the landline voicemail feature. Just to be clear - are you looking for the voicemail feature to be turned off completely?

You should be able to do this yourself by calling 1571 on your Landline to turn off the feature, you can read more about this here: Set up Landline Voicemail | Virgin Media Help

Please let us know if this does not work for you so we can offer further support!

All the best. 


Thank you for your quick reply. I have tried 1571 but don't get an option to disable it

Hi @davidmu thanks for your reply, sorry this hasn't worked for you.

Please allow me to send you a PM so I can look into this further for you, kindly expect this to arrive shortly and respond directly when you can!
Many thanks


Thanks Tom, just replied

All working correctly now. Thanks Tom

Hey @davidmu, thanks for reaching back out to us on the forums.

I'm glad to hear the issue has been resolved.
As always - feel free to reach out to us for any query,

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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