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Digital Switchover Compulsory?

On our wavelength

Can I refuse to be switched over? According to recent press coverage BT are not forcing vulnerable customers to switch until 2025. Is it the same with Virgin? My parents have health conditions that have required them to phone 999. They still have corded phones that will work in a power cut. They don't want a system that has a backup that only lasts 8 hours. Any help and advice greatly appreciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for your post on our Community Forums @Funky_Gibbon, and welcome back!

We would have to advise that we cannot postpone or opt customers out of home phone switchovers when a customers local area is making the switch.

However, we will do all we can as a business to cater to the needs of out vulnerable customers and as per your post, offer emergency back up lines in the case of a potential power cut.