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Didn't hang up the phone - will I be charged?

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We have the Anytime package which I know is OK for calls up to 60 minutes. I made a call to my mum this morning, and passed the phone to my daughter who finished the call. I only found out nearly 9 hours later (when the phone started bleeping) that my daughter hadn't hung up, so the phone was registering a call of 8hrs 52 mins. My Mum is confident that she hung up the phone (it was a fairly short call) - will this be enough for us not to be charged? I've tried calling 150 to find out but they cut me off and the page with my info on it hasn't updated for today yet. Thanks.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there mrsgham,

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So essentially the call should close when the call has been ended by one of the recipients and the phone is placed back on the hook or holder.

Was this done?



Hi Kain, thanks for responding so quickly. My Mum's phone was hung up at the end of the call (she was the recipient), but our phone was just sat on the side without the hang-up button having been pressed.

Ahh okay, 

This should be covered, if any issues occur then please pop back up to us regarding this.

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