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Dead Virgin Phone But Told To Contact BT ?

I left BT to become a Virgin customer in March and my number was ported over.                             

My phone worked well until two weeks ago when it became impossible to make or receive calls.       

An engineer came on Saturday but was unable to fix it.                           

He spoke to Virgin faults from his phone and I was told that Virgin had lost my ported number and that I must contact BT to re-instate the number so that Virgin could port it over again.                 

What the… ?   Has anybody else been told this ?                

Firstly - This sounds like nonsense.                                                                                                 

Secondly – Shouldn’t Virgin Faults be doing this ?                                                                         

Thirdly – Why should BT re-connect my old number when I’m not even their customer ?

However, I did contact BT via my mobile phone.                                                                                 

 I sat in a queue for 50 minutes.  Eventually got through to a guy who didn't think it was possible, then he transferred me.  I sat in another queue for 25 minutes and got cut off.        (All at my expense.)   

I phoned again today – Sunday and after another 30 minutes in a queue I finally got through.  

 As expected, BT were baffled by my request and also by the fact that Virgin had sent me to them.

So – A dead end.         Virgin - HOW do I get my phone fixed - with my original ported - vital - phone number ?

One VERY angry, unhappy customer.  (Soon to be ex ?)

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