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Crap Phone Line, Crap Customer Service

This year i have had 3 engineer visits to fix the virgin media landline phone and now i need to arrange another engineer. The issue is always the same, crackling line and unable to receive calls. The last engineer explained its a spaghetti junction at their green exchange box on the street and engineers working for other customers may disturb the connection on mines. However they always replace the KONE strip.

I am tired of waiting ages to speak to someone when calling Virgin Media, and when i do get through there answer is always the same to arrange a Engineer to visit.

I appreciate an Engineer can only fix this problem by visiting and technical staff over the phone can not help, but what upsets me is there appears to be no system in place at Virgin Media that flags up the customer is reporting the same issue and perhaps its time to provide a long term fix.

No doubt i would have this problem again and have to take another day off work for Engineer to visit. 


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Crap Phone Line, Crap Customer Service

The perminant fix would be to move your landline to 21CV so that you wont have a KRONE strip, existing customers should be able to switch to this service within a year

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