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Cost of Calls-VM Weekend Calls set up

Confused !!

Is 150 free from a Virgin Media Weekend only home phone ?

If I dial an 0800 number, is that free? I ask because the call costs section lists 08 then "other" 08 numbers and mentions connection charges and other cost.

So are free phone numbers actually free or charged?

I have only just got to use my phone after 28 days without, but too scared of piling up charges needlessly because the wording is misleading or just costs a lot. But need to know.

With covid every one and his dog have the excuse of keeping you on hold for 50 minutes then cutting off, which happened on VM about my phone not working -so I dont want to be charged 40p or 17p a minute plus 25p connection plus spending the rest of my life on the phone.

Is there an option to prevent all calls being made Monday to Friday midnight and allow calls only at weekends ?

Also doing 1471 and getting "press 3 to dial-there is a large charge for this service" - is htere a way to stop the 3 option at all. I for one will never never ever do it that way but the call end button on 4 of my phones is right plum next to it so it gets pushed in error - and I get stiffed for the pleaaure-so can I "opt out" of being gifted this service?

Any help greatly appreciated.










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Very Insightful Person
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Re: Cost of Calls-VM Weekend Calls set up


150 is free all the time even during the week.

0800 is free call fully again even during the week, there are other 08 numbers that are not classed as free.

1471 and dialing "3" will charge for the call as calling plans are for direct dial calls only, you can request to get the full service turned of there is no way to disabling the "3" option.

Any call over 60 minutes will be charged for the portion over 60 mins, the way around that is too hang up and then redial at the 59 minutes mark.

There us no option to allow calls only on weekends and stopping you making calls on weekdays.

Regards Mike





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