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Converting land line to fibre - some questions

Joining in

I recently had an e-mail from Virgin Media saying my land line is converting to their fibre network. To enable the phone to work over the fibre network I needed to contact Virgin Media on 150 to order a replacement router.

I currently have a "Super Hub 2" - running perfectly for many years in modem mode.

I contacted Virgin Media on 150 some days ago. It took over 30 minutes to order a new Hub and an adaptor for the phone. The advisor was not sure how to place the order! Given VM asked me to phone, you would think the procedures would be a little better.

I am happy to swap modem and phone cable myself

Yesterday, the new "Super Hub 5" arrived - but no phone adaptor. Given the point of the exercise was to re-connect the phone to the router - the new router was pointless!

On the phone today (another 30 minutes). Two advisors and a supervisor later I was able to get an adaptor ordered!

Are Virgin Media's support procedures fit for the 21st century – a question for another day.

However, a few technical questions that someone may be able to answer:-

1) Can I install the new Hub 5 ahead of having the adaptor or will that kill my existing land line phone?

2) Do I need to contact VM when setting up the new Hub 5 or will it sort itself out?

3) Do I need to contact VM when I eventually connect the phone to the router - or again will it sort itself out?

4) Last, but not least, I do hope I can continue using "modem mode" even with the phone connected?

Any advice would be gratefully accepted


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @likanmin,

Welcome to our Community Forums! Thank you for your first post and I'm very sorry if the new Home Phone Switchover process has caused any confusion. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Glad to hear that you've had your new Hub delivered and your landline adaptor ordered! 

1. You can install the new Hub ahead of having the adaptor. The new Hub will act as your older Super Hub 2, but this is just one of our newer models so it should improve your connection and it is designed to be compatible with the landline adaptor.

2. If you had a Hub 5 delivered as a parcel to your home, you will be able to install the Hub yourself. You can read more about how to Install Your Hub on our website.

3. Once you receive the landline adaptor, you can then connect the adaptor to the Hub and landline yourself and this should have your landline working straight away. More information about Installing Your Fibre Landline can be found on our Forums.

4. Yes, you can still use your new Hub in Modem Mode and have your landline connected to the Hub. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions, I'll be more than happy to answer them if needed. 😊


Forum Team

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Thanks Paulina_Z for the quick response

I'll try replacing the modem tomorrow and see what happens.

I'll report back

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @likanmin,

That's great to hear! 😊 

Keep us updated on how you get on and if you need any further help or assistance. We're here if you need us.

Thank you!

Forum Team

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Joining in

On 15th Feb I got email saying I needed an adapter for landline. OK, very simple order and click done. Except it has not arrived!

Then I get a letter soon after saying I needed a new Hub. Spent a long time on the phone and eventually the man said was all done and the Hub was ordered. Nothing arrived.

Now with some reading I find that the Hub I was sent a year ago, Hub 5, is the one I need and only need the adapter.

Questions - 

Is the Hub 5 the correct Hub?

Will the adapter eventually arrive?

I have another phone so will need another adapter, can I just use a BT to R45 adapter into Port 2?


Hi petermainthing 


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community. 

The Hub 5 is compatible with the phone switch over. 


Please be advised its only possible to plug one phone into the router, any other devices must be linked units. 


The adaptors are usually sent automatically when the switch is happening in your area.


I am sorry this hasn't been received.


I will send you a private message now so I can order this for you. 


Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the page and pop me a reply when you can. 





Vikki - Forum Team

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Update for anyone interested:-

  • Removed old router (Hub 2)
  • Installed new router (Hub 5) 
  • After 20 mins eventually got solid white light
  • Logged in over Wifi, but no Internet access (Logs say "Access is Denied")
  • Contact "150" and advisor eventually had to "Activate" the router
  • About 20 mins later, the router had re-booted and back to solid white light
  • Logged in and now I have Internet access
  • Checked speed and connectivity over Wifi - all good
  • Turned router into modem mode. Re-booted and eventually showed solid green light (modem mode) 
  • Re-connected ethernet (Port 1) to mesh system
  • Now all back and working

Now I'm waiting for Phone Adaptor to arrive. I'll mark as "solved" when phone working over IP

Thanks for the update @likanmin, and I'm pleased there seems to be a positive movement on this one.

Do please let us know when the adapter has arrived and you've attempted making and receiving a call on the landline service.

Kindest regards,


Final update:-

Router still working fine in modem mode.

Phone adaptor cable did not arrive until after Easter.

Connected the phone to the router via the adaptor and waited.

After several hours, nothing happened.

Eventually put phone back into normal socket, phoned 150 and discussed problem. Telephone advisor was not able to help - didn't seem to understand about Phone over Fibre, so ordered a Technician to come out.

Technician came out this week.

He simply asked for modem to be set up. After a few minutes, the modem rebooted and the phone now works via the modem. Bit of a waste of his time.

Shame it wasn't easier for me to swap.

Hopefully end of story.