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Re: Converted to digital line, emergency backup kit failed

Thanks again but the most important part clearly isn’t being understood by the technical team as evidenced by the following part of they email..


“Under normal working circumstances where the broadband is fully functional all the customers phones would work and having the new ebul on this instance would be no different to the previous version. “

The whole purpose of the EBUL is it that it functions when the broadband is down.  The previous analogue line which was removed without agreement and even the EBUL v1 enabled all phones in the property to work in a powercut the v3 doesn’t do that.

I can only assume the relevant techs either don’t understand the need for the device and or are being discriminatory and are taking it upon themselves to decided who needs what which when these decisions are based on medical evidence is extremely concerning! 

Clearly, I am far from happy with that respond and want this escalated to the highest level this needs the company directors (or their immediate reps) involvement! 

Whats is the use of an emergency back up line if when it’s needed cannot do the job it’s needed to do.  Passthrough is an essential component of an EBUL where care lines and medical equipment is installed. 

Again thank you for you help and I do believe you and other understand the problems one of which is installers / commissioners / customer services members not understanding the basic product. 

Also can I assume it was your call I missed yesterday? 

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Re: Converted to digital line, emergency backup kit failed

Hi Pogit1, 

Thanks for your reply, I am sorry that the info they gave in the Email has vexed you further, I will of course try to help within the complaint case I am going to open for you within our PM (please check the purple envelope, top right corner as I've sent one to you now) 

I am sure it is not a case of discriminatory views, however I am sorry that you feel this may be the case.

Also, I wasn't the one who called you yesterday, sorry!

Please reply to me in our PM and we will take this further for you 🙂