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Confusion again

Virgin engineers arrived unexpectedly just after 5pm TONIGHT, Friday, despite me being assured that my booking on Tuesday 28/07/30 was the earliest appointment. I am grateful but I was asleep with a migraine and they were confused. I explained that we were shielding and that it would be best if they did not enter the home. I had to leave at 6pm to pick up my NHS worker daughter and could not find the engineers outside, in their van or in adjacent roads. An electronic box was attached to the Virgin box on the outside of the house. Upon my return at 18.45 they had gone and the telephone line was ‘fixed’ but the outside box lid was a foot away from the box and all the wires are exposed. As this is directly next to a down pipe and drain they are fully exposed to the elements. Surely this isn’t the correct way to leave a job???? I am appalled really and  would like, and deserve, an explanation please. Thank you. My husband could go outside to check it due to shielding and I was not here because I was not expecting anyone from Virgin until next Tuesday. As I am NOT an electrician or equivalent I will not be able to remedy the situation myself so someone will need to fix it and ‘leave as found in a safe and completely sealed unit’ asaf please.

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Re: Confusion again

Hi there @WayWay


I do apologise about your experience; I can see that you have continued your conversation with my colleague in Private Messaging. To avoid any confusion or duplication, please do continue on that thread. 


Thank you 

Katie - Forum Team

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