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Complete Lack of Customer Service

I'm having to post this message on behalf of my 83yr Old Father, who is so stressed, he's been on his mobile to Customer services for nearly 3hrs, waiting and trying to get somebody, not in the UK, to understand what the problem is.

He's had VM for a long time for TV,Internet and Phone, and has been paying over the odds for it so with the last Price hike he phoned to ask if there was anything VM could do - They flatly refused to alter the price, saying that was the lowest price they could offer him.

He's now had an offer from Sky, so he phoned to cancel and suddenly VM could knock £30 off his monthly bill. He still said no, because of the attitude of the customer service agent on the initial call. He quite politely told them that he still wanted to cancel, so they gave him a disconnection date of 8th April.

The next day - retentions called again, and knocked another £9 off the cost. He told them he'd decided to try someone else.

So at that the customer service agent said we'd love to keep you with us, but my dad told them if it doesn't work out with Sky he'd be back and they said OK and the call ended.

Now for seeing that my father is ill with Cancer, my Mom has her own illnesses . They both need a landline (that will still work if there is a power cut) to call for medical help if required. He does have a mobile, but the signal is not very good.

He found that his phone had been disconnected. So, after more phone calls to VM they sent an engineer, for the engineer to say, you've been migrated and all phones have to go through your router, but the engineer couldn't get it working, so he left.

Now VM are saying - My dad requested immediate disconnection of the phone line, even though they gave him a date of the 8th April, plus VM's T&C are 30days. They are refusing to reconnect it because they can't reconnect copper landlines, all phone lines now have to go through your router, which is pointless in the case of needing a landline during a power cut.

My point with this is that VM have left vulnerable elderly people with no phone line and more stress trying to sort it out, trying to talk to customer service staff that they find hard to understand because of their foreign accents. 

So let this be a warning to other customers trying to leave VM - They will try everything to keep you.

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Re: Complete Lack of Customer Service

Hi itwhiz,


Thanks for posting, and very sorry to hear of the recent experience regarding your fathers account.


So I can take a closer look at this I've popped you over a private message (purple envelope, top right hand corner)



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