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Complaint Handling Debacle

Unbelievable!!  Complaint handling (C-1204211572) at its worse!

After over six weeks without a fully working land line and multiple calls to (the have to pay for the privelege) customer (help) line, I complained only to be told a week later that I need to contact the helpline!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (So exactly what is the purpose of complaint handling?)

Complaint handling advising by e-mail that they couldn't get in touch so I have to ring up!   HELLO! the phone doesn't work! (And you never bothered to try and e-mail me other than above)

My patience has now run out as it is nearly 2 months without a phone that receives calls.

I need someone to take ownership, not pass the buck to someone else on a helpline.

Even more so I need an engineer that knows what he / she is doing to sort this out PLEASE.

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