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Compensation for missed visits

On our wavelength

Hi, just refering back to last year's issue where I was booking appointments for a engineer to come out as my landline wasn't working,and no one was turning up as I was getting an incorrect message saying the issue had been resolved, but it hadn't been (see previous messages from last year) I've just read online that you give compensation to customers for missed visits, can you check if should of received compensation for the amount of times I booked a visit and non one turned up. (Please note the issue is resolved now but I am just enquiring if I should of received compensation? )


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Sam42,

Thank you for your post. We can certainly take a look into this to see if there is any credit due. 

I will private message you now to confirm your details. 


Alessandro Volta

There's specific rules you can read here.  Note the caveat that if VM cancel (and notify you) with more than 24 hours notice then nothing is payable.

You need to know that VM's record on automatic compensation is (at best) variable - we only hear the horror stories in this forum, but those have repeatedly involved lies, obfuscation and breaking of Ofcom regulations.

If you're owed something, raise non-payment as a formal complaint (web form in My Virgin Media, or by letter), see what happens.  If they fob it off, and you think you are owed anything, then take the matter to Ombudsman Services.  You may also have an additional claim for any protracted service faults or failure to promptly resolve faults.  If that applies then there's no rules about automatic compensation, but a suitable complaint to VM (don't settle for one of VM's trademark fifteen quid ex-gratia settlements), and if need be escalation to the ombudsman will get whatever a fair outcome is.