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Charged for bot calls

Joining in

I have paid £163.38 for calls not made. They are the same numbers as everyone else except for the dialling code. This is obviously a recurring issue for Virgin as I have found many people with the same issue on this forum.

so why can’t they PAY back the money?????

I now have to wait 2 weeks for an engineer to come out even though there is plenty of evidence on this site. 1 hour wasted on phone today & half a day wait for engineer!!!!!!!!



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Thewalkers45,

Thanks for your post on the Community Forums, we're sorry you're having this issue with your phoneline and bills!

If the engineer finds evidence that the calls have been made due to a fault or a crossed line, then we can look into the financial situation - However we're not able to do this until the investigation has been concluded.

Have you already got an engineer booked in for this yeah?




As stated. The numbers called are the same as others posted on here. I think you have a serious case of fraud taking place.

Thanks for the reply @Thewalkers45 on the forums. 👋🏼

If we have a number of forum users affected by this, it will be raised as part of a potential widespread issue.
But until the issue is widespread, any individual cases will be looked in to as business as usual therefore we do need to send out the technician to see if it is a cross line.
I understand it may not be the quickest process but we need to go through the process of elimination to ensure that we can diagnose where this error is occuring from.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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