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Changing a Phone Plan


After receiving a huge phone bill I am looking at changing our phone package. I am currently on Talk Extra 100. I have looked at the 'upgrade my phone' option on my account and it takes me to list of available upgrades which are just TV packages (we don't have a TV package just broadband & phone). Without having to ring up is there a way of seeing what the upgraded call plans are?

Failing that has anyone used Vonage to reroute the calls? Only a rolling 30 day contract with them but unsure if I can port my telephone number whilst still in the first 12 months contract with Virgin. I will be keeping broadband with Virgin so no early charges for exiting my contract. 

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Re: Changing a Phone Plan

I would advise you to call our helpdesk on 0345 454 1111. You will need your account number and password for data protection.

They will be able to make any changes to your account and give you more information about prices etc.

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