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Change to fibre

Tuning in

The date for my change to the fibre network has now passed. It was 5th April and nothing has changed. My old phone socket is still working and my attempt to plug the phone into the hub 3 using the adaptor proved pointless. I have rebooted the hub which still shows telephony as disabled. Can a member of the VM team advise what to do next please.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello DPJ,


Sorry to hear of the issues switching to the landline working via your hub, we appreciate you taking the time to raise this via the forums.


When trying to use the landline via the hub, are you connecting it to the TEL 1 port on the back of the hub using the adapter? What date were the services due to change?


We're eager to look into this further for you and I will send you a Private Message to get some more details to assist with this.



Thank you for a swift response. Yes I am using TEL 1 to plug the adaptor into. My changeover date was yesterday 5th April. I currently have an old phone plugged into the old VM phone socket and that is currently working. Following the instructions on the leaflet that came with the adaptor have however proved unsuccessful. I have just rebooted the hub 3 again but no change.

I have sent you a Private Message DPJ, if you check the purple envelope in the top right when signed into the forums 🙂



thank you. I have responded to your private message


I have had no further update from VM regarding the changeover to fibre which was scheduled for 5th April. My landline still works via the phone socket on the wall and  my Hub 3 shows telephony disabled. I can see an open  order/appointment for my landline dated for the 25th April between 0800 - 1300. Can forum staff advise what that is for?

Apologies for the delays in getting back to you DPJ, I will send you a Private Message with the update.