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Change itemisation limit on Landline Phone Bill

On our wavelength

I have been charged £19.16 for calls last month and I want to see a list of all calls made each month regardless of cost.

There is an option shown on the website that looks like it should allow me to change the itemisation limit of the bill, but this takes you to a generic screen.

How do I change my online bill to show all calls made please?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @ubishere 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums, it's great to have you here. 

I am so sorry that you have faced this issue with your bill and thank you again for your post.

Can I ask if you are able to log in to My Virgin Media via the website and view the bill breakdown here? 

On our wavelength

Hi Ashleigh - that is a screenshot of my online bill. The big red arrow is pointing to a URL link, I presumed this would take me to a page where I could change the itemisation, but it actually takes you to a generic page showing all sorts of options, none of which appear to give the option to change the optimisation.

Is there a setting that you can adjust online to show bill items below 50p or as I am beginning to think perhaps a fictitious link that leads nowhere?


On our wavelength

Actually, I realise that you are suggesting for me to use the alternative My Virgin website to view my bill. So I have tried this and it also only seems to itemise calls over 50p.

Thank you for popping back to me and checking @ubishere. The bill will only show calls over 50p in charges, do the calls shown equal the amount that is billed? 

On our wavelength

Ok, then can I suggest that the link shown with the big red arrow is removed from the website as this applies you are able to change a setting when in reality it is not possible.



Thank you @ubishere I am so sorry for the confusion and I will feed this back to the relevant teams. 

Do you need any further help from us in regards to this, or any other issues? 

Alessandro Volta

In the past, VM could remove the 50p limit so the customer has full itemisation. I don't have a VM landline any more but, when I did, I had full itemisation in place so I could see any/all calls that were chargeable.