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Change Land Line


Looking to see how I get my land line changed.  Been scammed and somehow lots of other companies keep offering similar deals - started with phone blockers and now its onto repairs and maintenance.

Tried nuisance calls, an authorised call blocker, and one from local Trading Standards.

The simplest way has to be change the number - it's only for elderly parents (not good with technology at 89) as everyone else has mobiles.

All advice appreciated.

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Re: Change Land Line

Changing the number, where your existing one is on a scammers' list and is being specifically targeted, may be the solution here but may only offer a short term fix to scam calls in general.

Any 'new' number you are allocated will not actually be new but will be recycled from a pool of existing VM numbers. The 'new' number may come with its own set of historical problems (such as being a former business number etc.). Examples of this are documented on the forum. In addition, any new number will still eventually be subject to scam calls from auto-dialling software.

Out of interest, which call blockers have you tried? Who set up the device(s) for your parents?

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