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Can’t upgrade phone, can’t get response - again. Maybe now’s the time to move?

Virgin - we spend over £100 a month with you!  All we want is to upgrade our phone package and spend more!  I understand current difficulties - BUT - call centres are not contactable without being cut off after an hour ( used to happen before anyway!) and there are no options to upgrade phone only online.  I  texted my request as advised - and that doesn’t work either - it asked for my name, account, and what I want to talk about - I type “upgrade home phone” and it confirms that I have a cable problem!    Eventually I get a response saying they can’t help but will put me through to someone who can - nothing.  

Multiple attempts and OVER A WEEK now for something so simple we could do online in one minute if you let us.  Perhaps you think you need to speak to us so you can try to sell us more - I don’t want more, just to upgrade my home phone, like many others on the forums.  Having had loads of issues in the last year, all of which took an age for you to deal with,  I am beginning to think VM is no longer worth it.  Please get your customer service and website sorted, you’ve had weeks now -  I don’t mind a delay given the circumstances, but I don’t think a week is acceptable!  Please contact me asap.  

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