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Can't make outgoing calls on landline

Tuning in

Hi, I spoke to some last week about this problem and they said they would send out an engineer.  The appointment date is end of August so we're without a landline until then which is unacceptable!  Could someone tell me if I need an adapter which could be posted rather than wait until end of August until it's fixed.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there dt20,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Can I ask is your line due to be transferred over to fibre?

Let us know,



My phone currently plugs into the wall socket.  The person I spoke with said I needed to plug it into my router but I haven't got an adapter then he said he would send out an engineer. I'm not sure whether it's being transferred over to fibre as I've not received any information about that.

Thanks for the response,

So is the appointment booked in August regarding the switchover?

If so this may be a current landline issue.

Let us know again,


Thanks for the reply.

An appointment has been made for the 25 August, as to whether that's with regard to a switchover, I don't know.  We can't be without a landline until then though, so what are we meant to do in the meantime and are we going to have our bill amended to take into account that we're unable to use the landline service? 


No worries, 

The wait for a fault appointment wouldn't be that long, can I ask do you have a dial tone at all on the landline?

Also can you receive calls?


There's no dial tone but if I dial a number it sounds as though it's going to connect but then the Virgin 150 helpline answers.  I can receive calls, just can't make any.

Ahh okay. 

Has this issue only occurred within the past week?



On around the 13th June 2022, I think it stopped working.


Right okay. 

Just to clarify also, when you the call made regarding this landline fault so did our team run through any diagnostics with yourself to investigate this?

Also have you been able to try a different handset at all?

Thanks again,