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Can't Get Incoming Calls

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Since plugging into the Fibre adapter on the 10th Nov, we can't get incoming calls.  Can make outgoing calls.

If I ring our home phone number from one of our mobiles or another landline  (the LL number which we've had for years and our Virgin promo offer is up on 8th Jan 2023), I get a beeping tone and a message saying invalid number.

I've rung VM tech 'help line' today and they ran their various checks and declared the REN number on our home phone is too low.   We have 2 home phones.  They are a pair of Panasonics bought together. Cordless handset but bases are wired.  Quite old.  But thanks to use of mobile, barely used. 

I don't fancy getting a Virgin technician out incase it is the phones and we get charged but don't want to buy new house phones either.   We'll probably change our broadband provided come January anyway.

Any suggestions please.

Thanks a million xx


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I have same issue as LizzieLou75.  Following switch to fibre phone on 8 Nov, incoming calls are not receivable. Can make outgoing calls.  I have a Bt Synergy 4500 answerphone which worked perfectly before the switch. Reboot of router made no difference. Help? If I can make outgoing calls why I am I not able to receive incoming calls?  Thanks for any help.