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Can Virgin Media get anything right?

Tuning in

I thought I would write a post on my experiences during the last 4 weeks fiasco with VM.

So far;

1. They offered me a package deal sent me the contract then said they were not going to honour it. But offered me a higher package £27 more expensive. Then reduced this by £10.  I disputed the charge and said I wanted connected so an engineer Apt was booked. Got a call from renting team apologising giving me a couple of pounds off per month what I was originally quoted and £20 credit. I also checked the engineer was still coming. Day before engineer Apt I called VM to provide an alternative number for the engineer. Day of Apt I called them as the Land line also hadn't been reinstated and I wanted to check if the same engineer could deal with the phone issue... only to be told there was no Appointment booked!! They made one for the best day. Engineer turned up got the TV packages working but NOT the phone.

2. Complaint submitted to VM to be told to call VM. So I called and spoke to technician who said he couldn't fix it and would transfer me to the highest level technician...who also couldn't fix it and simply booked another engineer.... is that not a sign of madness? Doing the same thing but expecting a different result? 

3. They sent an email saying they were going to take £306.11 from my account , around £133 from old contract fees, around £196 for my package deal and around £30 for contract fee. No explanation of how they came to these figures and despite asking twice in emails to complaints dept got no answer. Only gobbledygook that said... "Here's what we offer as a resolution: Customer Experience ->Agent or Technician Professionalism - Internal feedback provided. We hope this works for you"?????

Finally they responded to my complaint and said "We would also like to assure you that the bill generated for 360.11 pounds has been amended and has been brought down to 79.58 pounds and the payment will be taken via Direct debit. We regret to see that you had to follow up several times to resolve the issues with the services and the bill and this is not the kind of experience we would want our customers to have.

Guess what 3 days before my direct debit my account has NOT been amended!. couldn't make this.. I mean a 10 year old child could do a better job at resolving things than VM!

So to Sum up VM has, 

1. Not got my phone working after 1 month. I have made 3 engineer bookings. 

2. Quoted me 4 different prices for the same package. Some people may including me believe this is sharp practices like double glazing! 

3. Adding illegal charges to my bill, promise to make things good when they don't.

4. I have made in the last 4 weeks around 20 calls 5 complaints. And WILL be referring this to the Ombudsman. 

Maybe it's the O2 merger that has made things worse. After all they billed me for around £92 of calls received In Singspore when I wasn't there. Refused to credit it, So I said see you in court. Finally got an email from O2 apologising for being totally incompetent and crediting off the charge.

So maybe on and VM is a marriage made in ....!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Fer24 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. I am sorry to hear of that experience and will send you a PM now to assist further.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Joining in

Unbelievable how inconsistent and literally unfit for purpose current VM "automated" customer handling has become!

AND YET... I set in motion a 30 day cancellation (after 15 years as a continuous customer), was chased daily for the next 7 days with phone calls from last line retention's.
I finally answered these calls and was offered a new contract Gig1 including an O2 SIM for around 50% less than before. (350mb BB and basic landline never used))
I agreed to this and all billing and service transitioned seamlessly on BOTH invoices including porting in my mobile number.
So it does "sometimes" work.
God bless Liberty Global and all aboard 🙂