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Caller ID

Joining in

Our home phone has just been switched over to a router connection and although we can make and receive calls okay when we dial out now our caller ID is no longer shown on the person's phone who we are calling.  It worked fine before the switchover. What do we need to do?


Fibre optic

You would have to ring customer service or a mod you would need a free feature called caller display the agents would fined if it’s available in your area if it’s not available I presume they would notify when it’s done here is a link to call feature

We already have caller display for incoming calls but outgoing calls to friends no longer show our name and number after the switch over. It worked fine before.

Hi malct,

Thanks for posting and sorry to see there seems to be an issue with your calls being displayed.

Can you confirm if this is happening when calling one specific number or all numbers?

Have you tested calling your mobile from the landline?


It’s happening on all numbers including our mobiles.

Thanks for confirming 🙂

So I can take a closer at this I've popped you over a private message to get a few more details (purple envelope, top right hand corner)