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Caller ID didn’t call - scam?

Have had half a dozen or so calls to my virgin landline over the last 24hrs. When we pick up there is no one on the line and it goes dead. When we then dial 1471 we can get the number that supposedly just called but when we dial them back they tell us they didn’t call! The dial back numbers have been a post office in Cambridge, a crèche in Leicester and a private residence in Cardiff. In all cases the person on the line confirmed they didn’t make any calls so either there is a problem with ‘1471’ not identifying the number correctly or this is some type of scam/nuisance call where the real caller’s number is being hidden or misdirected. Anyone else seen anything similar to this?

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Re: Caller ID didn’t call - scam?


The number will be correct as whoever has called you has spoofed somebody elses phone number this is quite common for scammers, as they can make the caller ID seem like it has come from another phone number.

Regards Mike

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