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Caller Divert not working since the switch over

Joining in

Have been with Virgin media ever since it was Yorkshire Cable years back and never had a problem this one is winding me up with the same response on every occasion people that just read of a script.

When i was originally contacted by virgin media that they were switching the system over i contacted them concerning the caller divert system and would it still work i was told i would have to do nothing.

I wasn't  till i was talking to client that they said they had rang me landline  number to say it wasn't  recognized.

At this point i contacted virgin media concerning the problem to be told that it had to be switched on.

and to plug the adapter into the router which they said they sent which i never received.

They have said now all these weeks later that they would have to send an engineer out this was on Friday 2nd June 2023 and they would contact me to arrange a date. No one has. It is not as tho they don't  have my email address and my mobile so its not am not available 

I then spoke to them on Monday the 5th to go over the whole procedure again..

They said they would send an adapter out  on two occasions still nothing .

After repeated attempts and phone calls now for a few weeks nothing.

If you are listening  virgin media of which i doubt.

I have a few adapters of which non work.

Regards Mike