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Tuning in

After I posted about the problems I was having getting Caller Display reinstalled on my home phone Reece_MH of Virgin successfully got it back for me yesterday.  Later that day it stopped working again.  Could this be connected to the fact that I rang Virgin about my contract and I accepted an offer of a new package? The new package still includes Home Phone but when you switch to a new package do you automatically lose Caller Display and do you have to specifically request that this feature is added?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @peter1706, thanks for your post and I'm sorry the issue with the Caller ID is currently not working.

If you're still able to chat @Reece_MH, via our private messaging service, he'll be able to look into this for you, and this will avoid multiple agents trying to resolve this issue for you.

Kindest regards,


Thanks. I'm not getting a response to my messages to @Reece_MH.