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Call charges .. I don't use phone to ring out

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Noticed .37p call charge on my current bill, on looking see same on last month's bill.  It isn't itemised and I am 99.99 certain that I haven't called out although I have answered calls on that line very infrequently.  Has me very puzzled, also concerned that something similar could happen with a larger amount.


Alessandro Volta

Is your VM landline service provided from the back of the VM hub or does it come in from a conventional telephone master socket on the wall?

Unexplained call charges are sometimes attributed to a 'crossed line' (where your line is linked in some way to another line causing charges to you). This seems to be more common on here with a conventional telephone connection via wall socket.

Do you have any other equipment connected to the line (such as a call blocking device, burglar alarm, medical/fall alarms etc.)? There have been a few past topics on here where individual devices connected to the phone line were dialling out unexpectedly and causing charges.

When I had a VM landline in the past, I requested 'full itemisation' on the bill so I could see any/all charges on the line. This was free of charge but had to be requested to VM. It might help you in future if any more 'phantom call' charges crop up on your bill.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi sweets999, 


Thank you for your post! 


This is something we can take a look at no problem at all - I don't think it would be a crossed line as mentioned on the thread, as it would be more frequent that just the 1 call a month. I will send you over a private message so that I can take a look into this for you and check everything!