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Call Divert

Tuning in

I've been using call divert of and on for a few months when I'm travelling away from home. I last tried to use it last week but found it wasn't working. I've just checked my account and think it has been removed at some point in December. Why would this have been done without me requesting it and how soon can I get it back again?



I'm in exactly the same position as the 'OP', now in 'Purple' zone, but nearly an hour on 150 & they didn't get it, so can you help restore my previously fine 'Divert on Busy' please?

Hi there @meliahouse 


Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums.


I'm so sorry to hear you are facing this issue with your Call Divert but I would be happy to take a look for you via a PM. 


I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the purple envelope in the top right corner of your screen alerting you to a new message.