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Cable phone dead

Cable phone dead, presumeably after a Sunday morning 2AM power cut. I've reported this on the 0333 number and was promised a Email link - as usual non arrived.

I can't get no help whatever, it's as though no one is available at Weekends at VM. I am getting rather peed off with this God damn service.

I am sure these Street cabs. should have battery back up, every single time there's a power cut it happens.

I'm getting 'Line error' ONLY when I unplug the line, so I measured the voltage.... oddly there is only 50V  DC and NO AC ringing voltage so IT IS a Virgin Problem.

Can someone on here wake this Godforsaken Company up? If VM think I'm gonna listen to CRAP DISTORTED music all day THEY ARE WRONG - I rang off after about 20 minutes knowing that  will NEVER answer.

WHY can't these things be reported via the 'sign in' app.





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Re: Cable phone dead

Hi pentode,


Thanks for your post and for reaching out to the community forums. Sorry to hear that you are having landline issues. Are you still having these issues? We may be able to get this sorted

If this is not helping, I've also sent you a PM to get your account details.



Corey C


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