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CV21 - line busy

Up to speed

Another day another issue … my home phone goes via superhub 4 (cv21) and for last couple of days when trying to make a call get “Line busy” . I can resolve by phoning home number via mobile but very frustrating!

First time it did this I restarted the hub but didn’t clear and only calling resolved.. any ideas?? 
wonder if hub has had recent update and caused this new feature???




Forum Team
Forum Team

Morning Jeff, 

Thanks for posting, and sorry to see you're having some issues with your line.

Just to confirm- you've no issues calling your landline, just trying to make a call?

Can you reboot the hub one more time for me to see if this helps at all?




Thanks Alex

Yes only outgoing call effected - as the issue isn’t  happening now then don’t see how reboot will do anything? 
First time it happened then I did do reboot but didn’t resolve until I rang.


Thanks for confirming,

I've had a look from our side and everything appears to be in order. Can you confirm if your handset has a base unit/ do you have more than one?



I have 4 handsets but even the handset Plugged into the hub has the issue.

the handset are a few years old so maybe they need replacing ? But never had issue until couple of days ago - and never until needing to move to cv21.


Just wondering if one was slightly off the hook?

If the issue does happen again please let us know and we can continue testing 🙂