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Bt advanced phone. help needed.

Joining in

Hi all.

Phones are BT advanced quad set.

We seem to be having an issue with our quad set from all 4 phones.

We have stored the numbers correctly (I think) in the phonebook menu.

When someone scrolls through and clicks to dial we don't get a dialling tone to connect. 

It DOES actually connect the call, but we can't hear anything our end. (people have reported back to me hearing me swearing saying the bloody phone isn't dialling again!)

If I use the numerical keypad, it dials and rings as normal. But if we use the phonebook, seems to not 'ring' at our end of the call, but as I say, when someone picks it up at the other end, they can hear us, but not us to hear them. No recognition it's connected.


Any help would be appreciated...





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi FeralFox1,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your Landline. 

To confirm, other than the BT advance phone. Do you have any other type of handset you can try? 


No we don’t, but this is a “new” occurrence so to speak. Everything was working fine up until about a month ago. In fact we purchased another set of the advanced bt quad set to ensure it wasn’t at the phone ‘end’.

Not all features of the BT handset maybe compatible with our system. This is why we would recommend trying an alternative handset to see if it continues to happen. 


I get that, but that wouldn’t explain why the issue has only cropped up recently when it was working perfectly for over 2 years with this set of phones and now suddenly doesn’t?

My apologies, I didn't realise you had been using them that long with ourselves. 

I will private message you now so we can take a look over the account.