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Billed for telephone calls when I don't have a telephone

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My parents have been a virgin media customer for over 10 years and was a customer when it was known as NTL. TV and broadband

They pay by direct debit and have recently had services suspended for non payment and the balance is 0.00. I was told it was suspended due to going over the usage cap because of 3 telephone calls made at 5am, 7pm and 9pm which totalled £290. One of these calls was the phoneline calling itself. The issue is there is no telephone in the house it is physically impossible for anyone to make a call because there is no equipment to use. They pay for the phoneline for the broadband.

I have been trying to sort this since Saturday but keep getting the phone cut off after 2 hours every time.. I've phoned countless times and spoken to probably every person in the call centre it feels. I get told I need to speak to billing but billing won't speak to me because I need to speak to collections, collections can't help I need to speak to billing and back and forth and back and forth. I've lost all patience and asked for the account to be closed and they said they can't close the account because collections has a hold.

I've had enough who do I speak to to sort this?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mukesh140 thanks for posting and welcome to our community. 

Sorry to hear your parents are having an issue with incorrect billing and for any inconvenience or distress this may be causing. I would like to help you raise a complaint. I am going to send a private message. Please keep an eye on your inbox.



Alessandro Volta

@mukesh140 wrote:

My parents have been a virgin media customer for over 10 years and was a customer when it was known as NTL. TV and broadband


You are describing what sounds like 'phantom call' charges.

Have you tested the line to see if it is actually working or not? Often the phantom call charges coincide with a fault on a line that is not used.

Do you see the numbers that were called in the billing? For those sums of money were they were presumably 09 premium rate numbers? These have come up in the past on here with some sort of billing scams

This phantom call scenario is most common on a conventional connection via a wall socket (as opposed to a phone connection from the back of the hub although phantom call charges have been mentioned on here too with phone connections from the hub)

VM normally send a technician to investigate the issue (often blamed on a 'crossed line').