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Being charged for calls I’ve not made

Joining in

I’ve just noticed that since March 22 I’ve been charged for calls I’ve not made! They are “local” calls however I’ve never had a physical landline phone connected so therefore it would be physically impossible to have made these calls. Sometimes they are in the early hours of the morning or at times where I have been at work (I live alone) my mind is blown I’ve never took much notice of my bills as roughly the same amount comes off it’s only been when I’ve looked closer that I’ve noticed this!!! How can I put a stop to this!!! 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ck3515, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that there is an issue with the landline and this could happen if a wire is crossed in the green box. 

I will send you a PM so that this can be looked into further. 

Kind regards, Chris.