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BT 4500 features off since 'VOIP' switchover

On our wavelength

After several months of wasted effort I have now given up on trying to get the various useful features on our previously perfectly useable BT 4500 answer phone with twin cordless handsets to work following the move over to Virgin's version of VOIP. I'm looking for recommendations for a fairly basic answerphone with twin cordless handsets that will actually work properly with Virgin's new system please. All recommendations would be much appreciated. thanks



This is your first post regarding the BT 4500.

It would be good to understand what does not work as that may affect any other DECT phone system.

On our wavelength

Indeed it is. It's not my first enquiry to Virgin regarding the matter however. The green buttons on the handset used to activate the speakerphone. Now they don't. Each phone used to ring when we received an incoming call. Now only one does. Sometimes none of the phones ring on an incoming call. We changed nothing in the settings prior to of after the changeover. We have since tried to remedy the issue through the phone settings to no effect. I assume that  we need to buy another phone and would value a recommendation from Virgin (who made the change) as to which comparable phones will work properly with their new system. thanks

Hi @vcustomer77,

Thank you for your posts and welcome back to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm very sorry to hear you're having some trouble with your landline handset's services following a recent switchover. Do you have any other landline handsets available that you can test to ensure it's not an equipment related problem?


Zach - Forum Team
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I have read a few topics on here about BT cordless phones losing functionality after the switchover.

There have been various sugestions to try but, firstly, are all of the handsets still linked to the base station for internal calls?

The manual might be here

refer to page 26 for the 'paging' function, 'Find Phone'

When you press the 'Find Phone' button on the base station, do all off the handsets ring? If so, that confirms the base and each handset are still linked.

Going beyond that, past suggestions on here have included varying degrees of reset of each part of the system, the most extreme of which is a complete setup from scratch (although that potentially loses all of the contact info in the phones).


nope. The handsets were working perfectly well before the changeover. It's not an equipment related problem. 

Are you able to test the steps in goslows post vcustomer77 to see if any of them help resolve the issue?



Have you tested that they are still communicating with each other internally using the paging function? There is nothing involved in the phone switchover that would affect the internal functions of the cordless system such as speaker phone working/not working.