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Another phone problem of Virgin's creation

Dialled in

So yesterday my phone goes down ... no ring tone & house alarm telling me the line is down.

Service status tells me there is a fault in the area (F010916701).

I register to have a text update to let me know when it's fixed.

This morning I get the text, try the phone and ..... yup, the phone still doesn't work.

Finally get through to Virgin on my mobile and the "expert" on the line says I need to have new equipment installed  to fix the problem (i.e. a new hub).  i.e. nothing to do with the outage.

I already know this is just BS as the same thing happened last year when some tech mistakenly disabled my copper wire whilst addressing a previous local network issue.

So now I have to wait another 2 days for somebody to come round, discover there's nothing wrong with my equipment, go to the box in the street or whatever and fix it.

There is always this total lack of comprehension with tech support, that when a problem occurs simultaneously with them trying to fix something, it's likely to be them and not my equipment!