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And line number

My land line stopped working last week and has been repaired today bu an excellent engineer. However he said that they can connect the phone line via modem, that is the way they install new lines and not run a separate cable with wall socket.

However VM said that I cannot transfer my current number to the new setup via the modem because the number was assigned to Telewest before VM took it over.

i find this unbelievable, you can transfer number from say BT to VM, but VM cannot transfer number internally! 
 To change the land line number is a big hassle as I have to inform countless people and organisations. 

Like to hear any comments from customers that have had similar issues.

The land line is now working and hope it keeps on working.


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Forum Team
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Re: And line number

Hi sbuch1954,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 


Our apologies for any frustration with what you have advised. 


The information you have been advised is incorrect. We should be able to do this for you. 


What I will do is private message you to look into this. 



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