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All attempts to dial out go to Virgin fault report line

Tuning in

Regardless of whether I press the dial out key before or after the number, as soon as I get a dial tone I'm instantly connected to the fault report line, which takes me on a magical mystery tour of impenetrable options and silly questions and then cuts me off. It's not a handset problem because I've tried two of them with the same result. I can't make phone calls and I can't report the problem to an actual human being who will help me.

If they think I'm going to pay my bill this month they can think again.


Alessandro Volta

This has been mentioned quite a few times in connection with the telephone switchover programme where VM has failed to make contact with the customer.

Have you received any notification of the switchover happening in your area?

Hi andysitton,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you're having some issues with your line, as goslow has advised, this is most likely related to the home phone switchover.

So I can take a closer look at this for you, I've popped you over a private message.


Hello goslow. They sent me an email the day after I posted here, apparently realted to what you mentioned. They told me to call 150 and order a new hub or they'll cut me off. Been trying ever since. Worst "customer service" ever... none of the options are in any way relevant and when after an hour you get through to someone they don't speak English.

BT's looking pretty attractive right now.

Did you respond to the PM from Alex_RM? They should be able to arrange the hub swap for you.

Even if you switch to BT, or another provider, you will still encounter the landline-via-router issue as all providers are switching to this way of providing landlines.

BT does, however, have UK call centres AIUI.