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Account number

My landline does not work. I moved house 2 years ago. I have severe problems remembering things since a short spell on intensive care. I do not know my account number. I cannot remember my username or password. I have tried using the website and calling for help but without my account number, password or username I cannot access any help. 


My name is Julie when I signed up with Virgin Media I lived at: 


I have tv, broadband and landline package with you. My address now is :


I have not been able to use my landline for almost a year now, but cannot sort it out. 

I also have a rolling sim contract with Virgin media for my mobile phone. My number for that is [REMOVED]. Where do i start ? Can anyone help me ? 

 [MOD EDIT: Personal and private information has been removed from this post. Please do not post personal or private information in your public posts. Please review the Forum Guidelines]


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Forum Team
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Re: Account number

Hello JulieB1967


Sorry to hear of the landline issues you've been experiencing but thank you for taking the time to make us aware and welcome to the forums.


Can you expand on what issues you're having with the landline please? When you pick the handset up do you get a dial tone? Are you unable to receive or make calls?


If you could let us know we're really eager to look into this further for you.



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Re: Account number

I like puzzles like this. But before I go further I want you to read what I have to say about privacy carefully.

Never, ever disclose the kind of information you did disclose on a public forum like this. What you posted puts you at serious risk of scammers. That is the why the Mods got busy and removed it all.

Second the Forum users and the VM staff here cannot normally deal with personal cases like this. We can only give you general advice. But the staff might be able to help with the phone line issue

Now for the detail. You need to follow this guidance by stages. and write down the answers.

1. You do know your account number. If you pay your VM bills by direct debit you will find it on each and every bank statement you have (either paper or on-line). It identifies the payment from you to Virgin Media. You need the first nine numbers , ignore any digits after the first nine. If you pay by any others means you must be using your account number to make the payment, by debit card.

2. As for your user name and password there is an on-line means of finding those out. Follow the guidance here. Start with your user name and then move onto your password:

If you tell us your post code - that is not regarded as private information - we'll get one of the VM staff to look up the area code for you.

Now as for the phone line we need to get the VM staff onto the case for you. So I am going to give this case an extra shove to get them to look at it for you more quickly than they normally would. So just wait here, and they will reply in this thread and ask you for details using the private message system so know else can see your details. Edit - I see the Forum Team have got here quickly so just reply to Robert_P please.

Hope that helps?


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