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A Dead Landline

Joining in

My Landline went dead on Sunday 20/11/22.  When I ring 08005610061 for Service Status from my mobile, it reports a fault in my area, and they are trying to fix it.  It then runs a Service Status check, finds no fault and disconnects me.  I have made several complaints, but have got nowhere.

There appears to be no way of reporting a dead landline.  The phone is plugged in at the socket, and I have checked 2 phones.  It's the line that's dead.  I notice that others have had the same problem.


Joining in

My dedicated phone line is dead.  It is not linked to the router.  When I ring 03454541111, as advised by the Complaints department, I am unable to report a dead landline.  Can somebody at VirginMedia respond to this, and get my phone line working.  I don't have a Smartphone, so sending me long texts to my mobile doesn't help.  It costs me to ring 03454541111, and it doesn't get me anywhere.


Many apologies for the issues with your landline kruba25,

However a warm welcome to the community.

From checking our service I can see that you are currently affected by an area fault, the estimated fix time given is the 30th November at 9:00.

Whilst this can be frustrating due to the longevity, rest assured our team will be working to resolve this matter as soon as possible.



Thank you for your response Kain.  Why does a Service Status check for my area, report that there are no faults?  The 30th of November is a long time to wait without a Landline.  I hope it is fixed as soon as possible.

I can appreciate the frustration caused,

There can be issues at time with our service status page reporting landline faults. Apologies for that.

Our team will be looking to get this resolved ASAP.

Take care for now,


My landline is now working, and I've been able to pick up my messages.  Hopefully it will continue to work.  There should be a simple method on Virgin Media's website to report a dead landline, or divert me to this Community.  I've wasted time, effort and money trying to find out what was going on.  Thanks to Kain for letting me know that there was a fault, and that engineers were fixing it.

Hey kruba25, thank you for reaching out and I am happy to hear this is now working.

Please do feel free to reach out if you do need anything in the near future. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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