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21CV phone switch gone wrong

Joining in

Like many people here my parents got a letter to say there line is getting ported over to the 21cv system.  As they have extensions around the home I called and they booked an engineer for them to be wired into the hub on the day of the switch.  

The tech advised he cannot do the work and that someone else needs to come and that the line will continue to work on copper network.  Unfortunately the same day they ported the line over to 21cv.

Due to my parents being elderly and not mobile phone people, as they need large handset buttons this port has left them without a phone line.  There only communication tool!

Customer services are not helping.  Its time consuming and stressful speaking with them.

I can then wire in the extensions myself if I order the cable and some tools (even though its virgin medias job to do this)

I remember reading the letter my parents got about the switch to advise they could exit without an exit fee as they are moving the phone line.  My parents cannot locate the original letter now.  Can someone confirm if this is true? as they have been without a line now since the 29th June I feel like drastic action is needed. 

If someone could please help that will be great.






Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your post. I'm so sorry to hear about the issue your parents have had with the landline migration, I can see this must be quite stressful. 

I'll be able to book in another visit and ensure that the relevant engineer visits so that the necessary rewiring can be completed. 

I've popped you over a PM so I can help further.