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1471 hasn't been working for months! Constantly calling to log!

I am extremely frustrated upset and angry. My father in law relies on this service, I have been calling virgin every couple of days for the past two months! My father in law is elderly and disabled and relies on this service. Everyone I have spoken to puts it to the technical team as priority and we are left just trying it until I have to call up again! We are extremely frustrated and Agra can someone please please help to solve this matter! We are at wits end, I am going to have to call up again tomorrow, same old protocol, same answers and still nothing!! 

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Re: 1471 hasn't been working for months! Constantly calling to log!

Hello, I am sorry you are experiencing problems.  I will try to help you.

Please click here  to send me a private message with your telephone number and I will see what I can do to assist.



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