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09015 call on recent charges.

Hi all, I have just noticed a dodgy call on my recent charges.


I have never made this call and after some google searching there are lots of people with 09015 calls appearing on bills when they haven't made the calls. Lucky it is only pence but some people have been charged lots of money. Im going to keep my eye on this just incase it keeps happening.

This is very worrying and wondered what I can do about it?


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Re: 09015 call on recent charges.

Phantom call charges are mentioned regularly on here.

If you get your VM landline service through a conventional telephone wall socket (rather than the back of the VM hub) then a 'crossed line' is usually put forward by VM as an explanation.

If you don't have it already, request full itemisation (FOC) on your bill. Too often the phantom calls are lost in the sub-50p total on the bill and it is very hard for the customer to check numbers and identify them as phantom calls.

If you know the full 09 number, you should be able to check it here

and identify the company that owns the number

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