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03332008067 is this free call

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Have just rung Grattan catalogue customer services didnt get through on hold for ten minutes, put the phone down then worried that I might be charged as on the grattan site it says this call may be chargeable dependant on your telephone service.



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0333 numbers cost the same as calling a 01 or 02 local geographical number.

The cost of calling 0333 numbers is the same as calling a landline number, be it from a landline or a mobile. Callers with free call minutes to landlines would also usually have calls to 0333 numbers included in their bundles. This means that callers can call you for free, even from their mobile.


Virgin Media offers many different landline packages which vary in price. The most basic package charges 12p per minute for calls to an 0333 number, with a minimum charge of 12 pence. For £1 extra a month the ‘Talk More Weekends’ package charges nothing to call an 0333 number on the weekend, with a 12p per minute charge to calls not made between midnight on Friday and midnight on Saturday. For £5 extra a month, the ‘Evening and Weekend’ package charges nothing to call an 0333 number after 7pm or on a weekend. The final package ‘Talk more anytime’ costs £8 extra a month and charges nothing to call an 0333 number at any time. If you would like to purchase an 0333 number, we have a wide range available – get in touch with us if you’ve any questions.

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Yes, it will be free as detailed here:

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A weekend call under 60 minutes to an 03 number from a VM landline should not cost you anything. Refer to the 'Everyday Call Charges' document. Page 2 onwards for current packages, page 22 onwards for legacy packages.