WiFi Win #3 - Give your home WiFi a boost

Virgin Media Staff
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Had booster installed yesterday all worked fine showed up in connect app but looked at app today and it's not showing wifi booster power off booster and still not showing up 

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My connect app has identified i would benefit from on of these but when i click to order i get the message Sorry, we’re unable to change your package online ?



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Still waiting for my booster to arrive 

was told was in post on 22nd May 

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How do i order one ????

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How do I order these?

Just joined virgin but wifi is terrible.

App says signal is 'great' but light says poor connection! Even though these items previously had no issue on EE using bt infrastructure. 


Not a happy new customer 

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Has anyone solves the WiFi terrible range issue? What's the solution for that please, I joined VM more than 2 weeks ago and still struggling with the WiFi signal, in the bedroom some devices keep buffering. Never had this issue with sky hub before.

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I too have changed from Sky to vm and the signal is terrible, in one bedroom in particular, which is right above the hub!! Driving me bonkers when my boys shout down about the Internet logging them out or buffering when they're doing live lessons from school!