Virgin TV: Up and coming expert

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Virgin TV brings together the TV you love. One thing that makes Virgin TV special is that the apps you love, like Netflix and hayu, if you subscribe to these services, BBC iPlayer and loads more, are right there as handy apps within your TV service. Get stuck in with a brilliant new Box Set on Netflix, if you have it, or catch up on some of the shows you've missed with BBC iPlayer. Whatever you love, there's always loads to watch. Now let's talk about recording. Your Virgin TV V6 box lets you record six things at once while you watch a seventh that you've recorded earlier. There's enough room to store 500 hours of standard-definition TV and it comes with Series Link+ which lets you find all the episodes of a series wherever they appear on Virgin TV, on live TV, Box Sets, Catch Up, or even Netflix if you subscribe to them. You'll see them all in a folder in My Shows. Oh, and look. We've already added episodes from On Demand that are ready to watch right away. Looks like you're all set to show your TV who's boss.