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Hi Everyone I Have Just Replaced an Ipad with a Galaxy Tablet But get a Screen on the Galaxy that says cannot Connect Until 1.12.18 Is there a way to change this so that i Can use the Galaxy Today/Tomorrow. Any Info would be Great Cheers Francis

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I am TRYING TO USE The Virgin Go App its Installed on the Galaxy , But Keeps Showing Cannot Use U ntil 1.12.18


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post on the forum as this helping hands are is not monitored by staff

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Even though my passwords and email address is correct it wont let me sign in .. 

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I have up to date devices on my list but every time myself and my son try and stream at the same time it says we can’t stream more than two devices. We are only able to stream one device at a time yet it states you can stream 2 devices at a time. Can anyone tell me why I’m having this issue?