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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff


Virgin TV brings together the TV you love. Your Virgin TV V6 box and our TV apps, Virgin TV Go and Virgin TV Control, let you watch TV the way you want. You can watch different things side by side. Like the big match live on your TV, whilst someone else is watching a movie on the tablet. Or tuck yourself away with your favourite show in another room. Finding your way around your new Virgin TV service is a doddle. If you're not sure what you're in the mood for you can hit the Home button. From here you can select Catch Up. There you'll find Catch Up TV with our pick of the shows from up to 30 days ago. Or choose On Demand and find Virgin TV Exclusives and Box Sets if your package includes them. And these aren't just on your TV. You can watch selected Box Sets on our Virgin TV Go app, too. Press TV to watch what's on now. Or press Guide to see what's on other channels. Your Search button lets you search for a movie, TV show or actor. It won't just search live TV. It'll search Catch up, Box Sets and even Netflix, too if you have subscriptions for these. Got your popcorn handy? There are tons of movies available on Virgin TV. You can rent them per title from Virgin Movies, or buy movies and TV Box Sets from the Virgin Media Store. Just register first at Sorted! Oh, and if you lose your remote there's a handy way to find it. Just press and hold the Plus button on your Virgin TV V6 Box for up to ten seconds and it'll beep from wherever it's hiding. Oops, excuse you!