Virgin Fibre: Up and coming expert

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Since you've chosen the nation's fastest widely available fibre provider, you'll want to know you're getting the fastest speeds possible in your home. Start off with your hub. It works best when it's out in the open and away from wireless devices like baby monitors and phones. If you love gaming or you live with someone who does, you'll want to use the best connection for the job. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your games console to the hub for the fastest speeds. Otherwise needy devices like these and smart TVs can hog your WiFi and slow things for everyone else. If you lose your signal or things are going a bit slowly, try switching WiFi on your device on and off or reboot your hub manually or using the app. The classic on-off trick. That's because hubs talk to your gadgets on invisible channels. Sometimes other cordless devices use these channels, causing interference. Reboot your hub and it will search for the least congested channel. If there are places where the WiFi signal just won't reach, you can try using a WiFi booster. Then you can get back to doing what you love most.