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By now you should be speeding round the Internet with the wind in your hair. Most likely you'll want to set up your Internet security, too. Virgin Fibre customers get Internet security included with their package. For basic anti-virus and parental controls on your devices at home, there's Web Safe. It's included with your package at no extra cost. To make sure Web Safe is switched on, or to change your settings, just register or sign into My Virgin Media at Click on My Apps, then choose Web Safe. There you go. Your anti-virus filters are switched on. Plus you can set parental controls if you need them. That helps to stop kids accessing inappropriate sites in your home. These days you need security to protect you against more than viruses. Virgin Media gives you F-Secure SAFE, included for 12 months, too. Of course you can choose a security package from any other provider if you like. F-Secure SAFE protects your devices from all sorts of Internet nasties in and out of the home. You simply need to be new to F-Secure SAFE and registered to use it. To set up F-Secure SAFE, just click on the F-Secure icon in My Apps. All Virgin Media customers enjoy inclusive service and repairs, too. So, if your Virgin Media equipment breaks or needs to be replaced, we'll do it at no extra cost. So, that's one less thing to worry about. Game on.
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I've seen quite a few posts regarding there hub 3 keeps resetting - well I'm in that club now - on the night Im waiting to watch live boxing - not happy chappy. Virgin should have a 24hr call line or Web chat. BT are looking good for me......... Cmon virgin - you keep hiking the prices up.... So build a hub which is faultless - does a self diagnostic and reports issues back to virgin HQ and my virgin app for a speedy fix. 


They used to have 24/7 support when 100,152 and 200 came here - I think it was in Liverpool but I am sure they shut it down in favour of overseas - such a shame