Virgin Fibre: Brilliant Beginner

Virgin Media Staff

Video transcript
Now that you're connected to Virgin Fibre, you'll want to make the most of it. With the Virgin Media WiFi app, you're the boss. This clever little app lets you take control of the WiFi in your home, and it can connect you to smooth, speedy Virgin Media WiFi, when you're out and about in range of our WiFi hotspots. Download it to your mobile or tablet, and you can help your friends to connect to your WiFi when they come round. Bingo! That's the WiFi password and there's the network. You can also use it to control which devices are hogging the WiFi. And if you're having trouble connecting to the Internet, you can reboot your hub without leaving your sofa. When you're out and about, you can also use the Virgin Media WiFi app to connect to over half of the UK public WiFi hotspots, from pubs to bars and places on the UK high street to the London Underground and even Glasgow subway stations, and, of course, while you're connected to our free WiFi, you could be saving your mobile data and that means you'll be giving your wallet a well-earned rest. Sweet. Download the app now from your device's app store to register. It's free and easy to do.